STOP IMAGINING AND TAKE ACTION TODAY! The Give Me Five Program Is A Dream Come True! You are probably wondering how we can make such a bold statement. Am I right? Let me explain. There was a program several years back called By The Millions. It was not uncommon to make $25 ~ $50 a day! The problem: The Owner would take another $4 to administer the program!

Here is what I figured out. If the By The Millions website could get thousands of members to pay $6 plus a $4 Admin fee not only was the Mini Site concept a success but I believed you would make a LOT more sales if you only charged $4.99 and gave the members 100% commissions!

Let's do some simple math to demonstrate the power of the Give Me Five program. Let's say you bring in just two sales a day. (EASY) You would make $300 dollars extra every month! Not bad for a one time $4.99 spend! What about four sales a day? You are looking at $600 a month! Even better! Ten sales...$1500 a month! WOW! Would you invest just $4.99 one time to have that kind of potential? Of course you would!

How It Works: When you join the Give Me Five program the only thing you have to do is invite people to your Give Me Five website. We provide a Marketing Resources page (bottom) or you can use your own methods! When someone joins from your website you make $4.99 Instant Payments! The Administrator NEVER touches YOUR money! No waiting to get paid! Ever!

Here's What You Get As A Member: All members receive their own Give Me Five website and a Marketing Resources website that comes with a 12 Video Online Marketing Course valued at $497! Hosting is FREE for life! (A Savings Of Hundreds Of Dollars!) There are NO monthly fees! NO yearly dues! None of that here! Just pure profit in your pockets!

Let's Get You Started! Getting started is a snap! Simply click on the "Add To Cart" banner below and make the One Time $4.99 Payment! After payment you will be re-directed to the Set Up page. That's all there is to it! Thank you for joining the Give Me Five program!

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